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How do I request changes in the success-fee agreement?
How do I request changes in the success-fee agreement?
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Unfortunately, due to the large volume of companies that we work with, we do not customize agreements for individual companies. We use the same blanket agreement to cater to lots of companies and that’s why the language is general to all kinds of fundraising that we help different companies with. But the agreement clearly states that you owe us the fee only if OmniSync helps you - if you choose to not get our help with any particular avenue of fundraising that you do on your own, then you don’t owe us any % for the money you raise on that project. Additionally, what some other companies have done in the past for additional protection is provide a statement saying that ‘[INPUT COMPANY] is currently raising funding from [INPUT SOURCE] for which the company does not request or require OmniSync’s support and as such, are outside the scope of the signed success-fee agreement’.

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