How do I upgrade to the Applicant Plan?
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First, make sure you are registered on the Explorer Plan. If you are not, follow this link for a step by step tutorial. Our Applicant Plan is our paid plan that allows access to our entire grant application software. Some versions of the Applicant Plan also provide 1:1 consultation support and/or grant writing assistance.

To sign up, once logged in, on your Dashboard click "Start A Proposal".

Make sure to select your desired plan depending on your needs. Are you looking to submit only one proposal? Would you like to submit multiple proposals? What level of support would be best for you? Would you prefer a flat fee or success fee?

Once you have picked out your custom plan, convert to the Applicant Plan by selecting "Get Started Now".

From there, proceed to enter your payment information. You will then be able to begin your first grant writing workflow!

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