The following administrative documents are strictly required for a compliant submission:

1. Collaborators

You need a separate Collaborators and Other Affiliations (COA) document for each key member included in your budget. Note that this information is used by the NSF to determine where to send your proposal for review. They want to avoid conflicts of interest that your collaborators might have with you and/or your company.

2. Biographical Sketches

You need a separate biosketch for each key member of your company that you included in your budget. You must use the NSF approved format, otherwise it will not be accepted in the NSF submission portal.

3. Pending Support

You need to prepare a separate Current & Pending Support document for each key member that you included in your budget. Note that if you don’t have any previous grants, then at the bare minimum you should include details of this specific proposal that you are working on and mark it as ‘Pending’.

4. Facilities, Equipment, and Other Resources

Specify the availability and location of significant equipment, instrumentation, computers, and physical facilities necessary to complete the portion of the research that is to be carried out by the proposing firm. Purchase of equipment is NOT permitted in a Phase I project.

5. Data Management Plan

Unless your project requires specific handling and management practices for the data, then all you need to write is "All data generated in this SBIR (or STTR) Phase I project is considered proprietary."

*Templates for all of these documents can be found in the TurboSBIR app under the 'Admin' tab in the 'Samples and Templates' dropdown.

**If you are missing any of these documents on submission, your final review might be delayed and our submission team will reach out by email with a list of items needed.

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