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How do I get paired with a grant writer?

Who will do the writing for me?

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When you work with TurboSBIR, you don't work with one individual, you work with our entire team that has experience across all areas of science and technology, and has won SBIRs for our clients across all Federal agencies. We are not a one-person consulting shop, so if that's what you'd prefer, then we suggest finding someone from a more traditional (and likely, more expensive and less efficient) consulting shop or Upwork.

You should also note that it is not our job to be your fractional CTO/CSO (at least, not at our affordable price-point), and so we will not be telling you how to build or how to test your product (although we are really good at telling you if your plan isn't strong enough and why). Our job is to position your content to be best-received by the eyes of the reviewer, depending on the agency, since every agency cares about different things.

As far as technical expertise goes, our writer pool is comprised of 3,000+ PhDs who we utilize internally on projects depending on the need. You will have several points of contact for your project (who will be responsible for assisting at different steps of the journey). They say that "it takes an army to put a successful SBIR together" - we provide you the army in the most affordable and efficient manner possible.

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