We have set up many different pathways you can take to get the service you need from our grant writing team. You can request an Add-On service or sign up for one of our higher tier Applicant Plans.

Our grant writing team uses a combination of interview calls with the writing team and self-guided software to collect information that our writers require to do the best possible job on your proposal, within the confines of the budget/payment model that you have. The number of calls and iterative revisions of the proposal depends on the specific writing Add-On option or payment plan that you have selected. The typical order of events are as follows:

  1. Client pays for the Add-On Service here https://app.turbosbir.com/add-ons

  2. Client submits a service request here https://airtable.com/shrFE1430Z5obNjPD

  3. Proposal writer is assigned to client internally within the TurboSBIR team

  4. Proposal writer emails client to schedule a kick-off call

  5. Client provides all background project and company-specific materials to the writer through the TurboSBIR.app as well as on the call

  6. Writer begins working on the draft and then depending on the level of service chosen, the writer reaches back out to the client for additional information/revisions/iterations.

  7. Finally after the writer has completed his/her version of the finalized written document, the project is handed to TurboSBIR's Submission team to begin preparing the proposal package for pre-submission review, assuming that the client has completed the remaining administrative sections of the proposal.

We often advise our clients that we can never have enough content to do justice to your proposal. You, as a technology inventor, have had months or years of time to understand every detail about your product, whereas our team often only has a few days or sometimes hours to get up to speed with your material. So the more you can help us get up to speed quickly through efficient material transfer the better your proposal will turn out. Lesser material from your end means that our writers will simply have to guess for the missing sections, and this new information may or may not be aligned with your plans.

Most reviewers are really good at identifying BS in proposals. So please try to work with us and help us do our job in the best possible way!

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