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How do I work with your grant writing team?
How do I work with your grant writing team?

How does the grant writing process work?

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Proposal or grant writing services with TurboSBIR are either available as included in our Plus/Pro Plans or through a one-off Add-On Service (typically used by clients on the basic plan).
Our grant writing team uses a combination of interview calls with the writing team and questions asked on our guided software to collect information that our writers require to do the best possible job on your proposal. The number of calls and iterative revisions of the proposal depends on the specific writing plan or Add-On option that you have selected. The typical order of events are as follows:

  1. If the writing service is included as part of your plan, then you can request it through the 'Request Consultation, Proposal Writing, or Other Services' button on the top-right of the TurboSBIR Dashboard (see screenshot below). Here is also a direct link to the feature

  2. If the writing service is not part of your plan, then you will be directed to our Add-On Services page here, where you can select the desired service.

  3. Upon successful submission of the service request using either of the above options, a proposal writer is assigned to the project internally within the TurboSBIR team

  4. The proposal writing team point-of-content will email the client to schedule a kick-off call (please check your spam folder if you haven't received this email within 2 business days of successfully submitting the service request)

  5. The writing team will explain to the client how to provide all background information on the project and company-specific materials to the writer through the TurboSBIR app

  6. Writer begins working on the draft and then depending on the level of service chosen, the writer reaches back out to the client for additional information/revisions/iterations.

  7. Finally after the writer has completed his/her version of the finalized written document, it will be transfered to the client's specific workspace on the TurboSBIR app, and the project can proceed to the next step in the process, which is wrapping the administrative documents towards final submission.

When thinking of how much content and information to provide to the proposal writing team, you should understand that you, as a technology inventor, have had months or years of time to understand every detail about your product, whereas our team often only has a few days or sometimes hours to get up to speed with your material. So the more you can help us get up to speed quickly through efficient material transfer the better your proposal will turn out. Lesser material from your end means that our writers will simply have to guess for the missing sections, and this new information may or may not be aligned with your plans, which inevitably will be a low-quality proposal that won't win the money.

The other question we get when asking for material and content is - 'If I do all this then what will you do?'. Understand this clearly - you are asking a writer to write out your ideas - not to create them for you. We are not co-inventors of your technology and so, we are not going to be the ones to create your plan on how to build and how to test your technology. That is your job. Our writing team's job is to convey/communicate your plans in a manner that the agency's reviewers can understand them and are used to seeing. If you are looking for a fractional CTO or CSO to help you build your product and tech plans, then proposal writing is the wrong service for you.

Most reviewers are really good at identifying BS in proposals. So please try to work with us and help us do our job in the best possible way!

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