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Can I apply to multiple SBIRs/STTRs?
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Yes! You are able to apply to multiple SBIRs/STTRs across multiple agencies. In fact, this is the secret to winning this game (read more here)!

However, while you can apply to multiple grants, you can only accept one grant for one scope of work. If you win in multiple places, then you’ll need to carve out separate scopes of work to be able to accept money from multiple sources, since double-dipping is not allowed. We would normally advise first-time applicants and inexperienced startups to focus entirely on developing one solid grant proposal first. Once you have some high-quality content and some of the forms and administrative steps done, then you will be able to easily apply to a large majority of other SBIR/STTR grants. That’s where our app also makes it easier for you to manage multiple proposals with different team members like a project management tool. We would recommend working with one our senior grant writers for the first time to build out great core content to begin repurposing from.

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