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What is the scope of your Proposal Writing services?
What is the scope of your Proposal Writing services?

What exactly does the grant writer help with? What exactly is covered in the proposal writing service?

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A fully compliant grant or contract proposal includes two major elements:

  1. Written technical narrative/description of the project. This can range from 5-25+ pages depending on the agency and SBIR/STTR solicitation. Some solicitations like the NIH OmniBus SBIR/STTR require technical elements to be presented in the written description, whereas others like the NSF SBIR/STTR also require commercialization elements as part of a Phase 1 proposal as well. This written section is called different names in the different agencies. Some examples of the names are: NIH SBIR/STTR (1-page Specific Aims & 6-page Research Strategy for a Phase 1), NSF SBIR/STTR (15-page Project Description for a Phase 1), or most DoD/Air Force/AFWERX SBIR/STTR (Technical Volume or Whitepapers ranging from 5-25+ pages or Slide-Decks ranging from 10-25 slides).

  2. Administrative documents. These can include, but are not limited to, budget (or Cost Volume), budget justification (or Additional Cost Information), biosketches or CVs, pending support documents, collaborators disclosures, other agreements and disclosures, registrations of your company and submission of your proposal on various government portals.

In general, all our Proposal Writing services cover the Written sections (point number 1) above. Writing services cannot cover the creation of administrative documents, simply because these are usually materials that the company has internally sourced and not something that we (or frankly anyone) can or in most instances, is not even legally allowed, to do on your behalf without a power of attorney transfer. Having said that, the Comprehensive (Multiple Draft) Proposal Writing service does allow you to ask as many questions about the administrative docs as you'd like and get project/company-specific consulting advice from us on their creation

For all other customers (including those who have opted for Single Draft or Success-Fee based writing services), our help articles, guides, tutorials, templates, samples etc, within the app are resources that should be used to create the administrative documents.

For certain agencies and at certain times throughout the year, we also conduct weekly webinar sessions in cohorts, where we explain various elements of the administrative docs for any given agency and solicitation in a more general Q&A based format that can be utilized as additional resources by all customers to help them create their fully compliant proposal packages.

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