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Tell me more about a co-branded solution.
Tell me more about a co-branded solution.
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What is a co-branded solution?

A co-branded solution is a resource partners can offer their startups as a benefit for working with their organization. A partners organization sponsors a number of software licenses for their entrepreneurs with the ability to distribute and rotate as needed.

Is the co-branded solution right for my organization?

Our co-branded solution is used as a process management system by organizations that are directly involved in their startups’ grant application process.

The platform acts as a single location to manage, collaborate with, and track the metrics of your startups. Limited customizations are also available, including workflow changes and current educational material. Special customization requests can be made and will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

If your organization is not involved at all in the application process for your startups, check out our other partnership opportunities here:

What does the Admin dashboard look like?

Depending on the number of individuals onboarded to your platform, our team can construct a dashboard with various metrics:

What is the pricing for a co-branded solution?

To allow for an affordable and scalable way of supporting your entrepreneurs, organizations that opt for the co-branded solution will be charged on a per-seat basis per month.

The organization will sponsor the needed number of individual software licenses for themselves and for their entrepreneurs and can assign access on a rotating basis (activating and deactivating paid accounts as needed. Requests for changes to the number of seats are accepted).

Along with the software licenses, the co-branded solution will include:

  • Up to 4 onboarding training webinars per year

  • One round of our pre-submission quality control compliance check is included. Additional rounds of support will need to be covered through our Add-On services.

The solution is an annual contract with annual billing to avoid administrative overhead for either your or our organization and keeping costs low.

What are the key differences between a startup under the cobranded site vs a startup working directly with TurboSBIR.

For our standard Applicant Plan members ($100/mo), they get to collaborate with up to 10 team members included. We also often include free 1:1 consultation calls. We are also able to provide a slightly more of a quality control review on the submission side, as well as a second round of submission assistance, if the startup needs. Finally, we also offer basic email support on any company-specific administrative questions.


Under a cobranded site for any organization paying per seat, we expect the organization to help with all the human support that its startup companies might need or want. The only human support that the startups will get from TurboSBIR on the cobranded solution is one pass at the presubmission compliance check.

How to get started?

To request a co-branded solution or for a specific quote, please get in touch with our team. Fill out this form here, and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible:

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