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How do you help with the submission of my AFWERX proposal?
How do you help with the submission of my AFWERX proposal?
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Please give yourself at least 1 week to go through the submission process. After you've marked all required tabs in your workflow as 'Complete', your Final Check tab will be automatically completed, i.e. all cards will be checked out (note you may also over-ride the compliance checker by manually checking off the cards).

Clicking on 'Let's Do This' will show you a pop-up with instructions on completing yoru submission process. As part of this process, you will be instructed on registering on DSIP (the DoD's official submission system), followed by initiating and completing your submission.

There are also instructions provided in the pop-up to request your presubmission QC compliance review from our experienced team that has submitted 100's of these proposals with a 100% compliant success-rate. One review per proposal is included with all tiers, provided you submit your request the service with a 1-week turnaround time.

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