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What payment plan is best for me?
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We offer a wide variety of payment plans, depending on your support needs. When picking a payment plan, the first decision for you to make is whether you are interested in submitting one or multiple proposals.

  • One Proposal is recommended for startups that have only one opportunity in mind, for which, they are looking to prepare and submit a proposal. Typically these startups have interest in only one specific agency, and do not wish to explore or submit to any of the other funding opportunities.

  • Multiple Proposals is recommended for startups that are looking to maximize their chances of getting funded by submitting multiple proposals to various agencies and opportunities with slightly different ideas. This option is best for startups who would like to cast a wide net and are serious about increasing their chances of receiving an SBIR award.

Your next choice is how you would prefer to pay. The two options are Up-Front Price or Contingency Price

  • Choosing Contingency Price means that you will be choosing to not pay upfront, but rather, pay a percentage of your award after you are awarded your grant or contract. This portion is usually budgeted into the grant or contract itself as a profit fee (the government gives you a profit for conducting the project, since you are a for-profit company). This profit-sharing option is best for startups that may not have the money upfront to pay for proposal support, but are prepared to pay comparatively higher fee later if/when they win (compared to paying upfront).

  • Choosing Upfront Price means you would make a single upfront payment for the proposal support. This option is best for startups that have a high chance of winning the award or have the budget to pay for proposal support, and so, would want to pay the comparatively lower amount of money upfront, irrespective for the award size that they win. This is because in many cases, this option is less expensive than the contingency plan depending on the size of the grant award.

After choosing from these 2 models, the user will be presented with 3 tiers, increasing based on the level of support that the user is looking to get from our team. Based off of the features and services outlined in the description of ech tier, you can select the one that is best for you. Upfront paid tiers can go through our secured checkout process and immediately get started, while contingency fee tiers are required to sign our success-fee agreement, unergo a review process, and if approved will be provided with instructions on how to get started.

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