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How does pricing work for the 4Startups Program?
How does pricing work for the 4Startups Program?
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In order to take part in the 4Startups Program you must be registered on our software. You simply need to sign up for the lowest level package, the Applicant Plan, which is either a 1% success fee or a $500 flat fee for 12 month access. This pays for the TurboSBIR software, weekly sessions, as well as submission assistance from our team. You should expect to work with us for 6 months, since that’s how long it takes to prepare 2-3 different SBIR proposals, which is the most efficient way to maximize your chances of winning.

The 4Startups program also makes it possible for us to economically provide add-on PhD-level proposal writing assistance throughout the process to every startup that requests it. We have paid upfront as well as success-based (paid only if you win) models available to choose from, making it very flexible and easy for startups to get help.

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