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How does the Phase II process and pricing work with TurboSBIR?
How does the Phase II process and pricing work with TurboSBIR?

How does the TurboSBIR team help clients with Phase 2/Phase II proposals across agencies and how does the pricing for that work?

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A Phase II SBIR/STTR is awarded to innovative startups that have demonstrated that their technology is feasible, which is typically done during the Phase I stage. The definition of the word 'feasible' is highly subjective and means different things depending not only on the subject matter, but also on the funding agency's own definitions. For example, while feasibility for the NSF (National Science Foundation) might been showing that the core components of a high-risk technology are possible to build and assemble, feasibility for the US Air Force/AFWERX usually means that air Air Force user is interested in collaborating in testing a prototype, which indirectly also means that the technology is feasible to build.

Startups should know that the number of Phase II proposals submitted across all agencies in any given year is almost 5-fold lower, because only Phase I awardees are allowed to apply (except for Direct-to-Phase 2 opportunities). As a result, the national average win-rate for Phase II is substantially higher than Phase I (due to reduced competition) - Phase I around 12-15%, while Phase II around 40-50%. However, the bar for being able to apply is significantly higher because the proposal package requirements are significantly more in-depth, requiring a lot more details and rigor in the technical and commercialization plans. Essentially, a Phase II means that your technology is ready for prime-time, pending a couple of low-risk milestones - a drug ready for IND-enabling studies, a software ready to be sold licenses for, or a piece of equipment ready to be deployed in the field!

Due to the lower volume of startups that apply for Phase IIs, at TurboSBIR, we support these proposals using our custom workflows, instead of our pre-defined workflows available for almost all Phase I opportunities across all agencies. What this means is that when it comes to Phase II proposals, our software is more useful as a market research and content finder tool, as opposed to a workflow automation system, which is the utility afforded to most Phase I applicants. The AI-powered search tools help rapidly generate the data needed to create commercialization plans, which are one of the most essentially documents of the Phase II package.

When it comes to our services side (consultants/proposal writers), Phase II proposals are a much heavier lift for our service team than Phase I, given the larger volume of more in-depth work. For this reason, we charge an additional flat-fee (see the grey text below each plan at, over and above our standard annual plans. The annual tiers can be paid for using contingency or upfront pricing, but the Phase II flat-fee is a paid upfront add-on service.

If you'd like to get our help with your Phase II and you're already on one of our annual plans, simply submit a service request and put the information in the notes section. A member of our team will reach out with an invoice for the add-on flat-fee and arrange for the project kick-off. If you are not yet on one of our tiers, you'll want to first get on any tier of choice, depending on the level of support you'd like on your proposal and then submit the service request form.

Always feel free to reach out to for any other questions.

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