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How do I search for new funding opportunities (grants/contracts)?
How do I search for new funding opportunities (grants/contracts)?
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First, make sure you are registered either on the free Explorer Plan (search tools available) or the paid Applicant Plan (can opt for consulting support on top of the available tools).

You can search for new funding opportunities in 3 ways:

(1) Insert a technical summary of your product/idea during onboarding or under Settings (top-right of the Dashboard). Our AI/ML recommendation engine will provide the 10-best hits based on a proprietary scoring criterion. This feature can be found on the Dashboard.

You can begin searching on your own using one or both of our AI powered softwares. You can search via key words or a brief summary of your company/product.

(2) Use our comprehensive funding opportunity engine to search using key terms, with various filter settings. It is advisable to start with broad search terms and narrow down based on the number of relevant hits returned by the search engine

(3) If you are Applicant Plan holder, then you may opt for a consultant to help with your search. If you'd like suitability advice on any of the search hits that you have already found, you may submit a service request here ( and enter the share link of the funding opportunity in the Notes section of the form. One such service per month (up to 5 funding opportunity links allowed per service request) is provided to Applicant Plan holders.

If you'd like one of our consultants to perform the search for you instead, then this service is available under Add-On Services for $150/hr. After completion of payment, you should submit your service request here ( and add any relevant details about what you are seeking funding for in the Notes section.

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