You have 4 options to select from to get our help on your proposal writing needs. You need to be on our base Applicant Plan tier to avail the following options.

(1) For the bootstrapped DIYer - On the Applicant Plan, you can request our team to review your written materials once per month, and provide you actionable feedback on your content, with recommendations for improvement. You can request this service here -

(2) For the bootstrapped startup that doesn’t have much experience with grant writing, but can contribute with high-quality content - Sign a success-fee agreement for the proposal writing Add-On Service - this service can be requested here It includes proposal writing support, where you will need to provide content (collected via one interview call and document sharing), our writers will prepare a draft, and you will have a chance to request one revision. On-demand support is not included in this option, due to the high-risk nature, with typical turnaround times at 3-4 weeks/draft. The agreement states that for any proposal that our team assists with, you will owe us 7% of the grant/contract amount if you win. For SBIR grants and contracts, the 7% is legally allowed to be included as a profit fee on your budget.

(3) For companies that want some help to begin with, but can then write/improve on their own – Costs $1K for Phase 1 (we don't do first drafts for Phase 2)) for the ‘First Draft’ proposal writing service - this service can be purchased from the Add-On Services tab on TurboSBIR, under which we will request your content and write out a first draft of your proposal, in a manner that's similar to the success-fee model explained above. The biggest difference is that you can request on-demand support as part of the upfront paid model.

(4) For busy/seriously committed companies that want comprehensive white-glove support of from us - Costs $5K for Phase 1 (or $10K for Phase 2) for the ‘Comprehensive’ proposal writing service - this service can be purchased from the Add-On Services tab on TurboSBIR and provides priority on-demand support for proposal writing, with multiple revisions, optional regular check-in calls, and significant background R&D/intellectual input from our team.

Note however, that regardless of the model you select, our writing team should not be expected to perform the role of a fractional CSO/CTO. Our job is not to figure out how to build or test your product/technology, but rather to position your content in the best-possible way for winning the SBIR. Having said that, we do advise clients on content quality when possible and reasonable. Read more about how we provide the writing assistance here.

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