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How much of my own time will I need to spend?
How much of my own time will I need to spend?
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Disclaimer: every startup founder works differently and has varying abilities to execute on required actions. The reader should carefully (and objectively) assess their own proficiency of filling out paperwork and using software when thinking about the amount of time commitment needed to complete a full proposal.

Typically, most public websites that discuss SBIR will say that the average time spent for a first-time applicant on preparing a standard Phase 1 proposal is 150+ hours (reference). Our software and weekly Q&A sessions with a structure and guides reduces that time required by almost half to 80 hours (~8hr/week for 10 weeks). Majority of this time will be spent on the written portion of the grant, and so there if you are able to get our writers to help you out (paid or success-fee based), then you can reduce the time spent even further.

If you would like to look into how to connect with a grant writer refer to the articles listed below:

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